Open Viewing Policy

For the health and safety of our gymnast, staff and parents we have reviewed and updated our open viewing policy in linewith the requirements of British Gymnastics file ( details found on pages 6 and 7.

Reasons for changes to our policy include:

– The parent viewing area is an unsupervised area of the club where parents often bring their non-participating children

– The parent viewing area is regularly over capacity and often has around fifty people (including parents and children)

– Children in the parent viewing area are often left unsupervised or unchallenged and are at risk of injury (as has recently happened)


• All pre-school parents/Guardian will be invited and encouraged to stay whilst the gymnast attends their classes.

• Pre-school children that have moved up into GFA classes, parents will be invited and encouraged to stay for the first 4 weeks of the child’s session.

• Children with certain additional needs meaning the parent/Guardian would need to supervise the child or be on site will be invited and encouraged to stay. This will be down to the discretion of the club and parent.

We must be informed of this upon registration, or at the earliest opportunity, of any additional needs that may impact the club’s decision to waive any restrictions on parent attendance. 

• Parents/Guardians of new starters will be invited and encouraged to stay for the first two weeks of their child’ssession.

• A system has been put in place where all parents are invited to see their children through open viewing. Full information and how to book will be sent out prior to sessions.

Expected Behaviours

• Following recent concerns over health and safety of our members, the following is expected of parents attending open viewing. (Please refer to our parent’s code of conduct before your open viewing session. This can be found on our website or in the reception area).

• Use correct and appropriate language at all times and avoid any behaviour which could be interpreted as intimidating, this includes threatening, bullying, trying to gain an unfair advantage and public disparagement of the club and its membes/coaches.

• No photography or video recording equipment (including photo and video imaging mobile phones) may be used by parents, carers or visitors during training sessions.

• Do not attempt to communicate with your child or another child during training

The club reserves the right to address any behaviours deemed inappropriate and you may lose your opportunity for open viewing if the rules and practice are not followed accordingly.

Additional information 

British Gymnastics safe environment policy also recognises the use of CCTV.

As such to provide additional opportunity, and increase safeguarding, 776 operates CCTV within the premises.

A live viewing screen is now available within the reception area. Allowing our safeguarding and reception team to view and support any issues that may arise on the gymnastics floor.